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Angel lyrics


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        Like an angel, fly over your house
    Like an angel, pass out wishes
    Like an angel, I will move the arrow
    Like an angel, I live alone..
    I`m not livin` what was promised
    I am close but can`t enjoy..
    Oh, I`m not dying
    Oh, I`m so tortured
    `Cause I see all
    Tortured, and all I cannot do
    Tortured, all I should have done
    Tortured, while I occupied a man..
    I`m not livin` what was promised
    I am far from glorified..
    Oh, I`m not dying
    Oh, I`m not alone...
    Mind is not a celestial state
    With idle hymns of praise
    Time is short, I have an appointment at noon
    At noon in hell..
    Across the waste of space and fields of air
    I glide, alone at night
    Oh please, please think of me
    `Cause I`m, I`m by your side...
    I`m by your side... I`m by your side...
    Ohhh.. I`m, I`m right in front of you..
    I`m by your side
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